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The Kloset Space | Maryland, US

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion in your life, and your dress plays a significant role in making it special. You might also be envisioning passing down this beautiful gown to your daughter, granddaughter, or a cherished loved one. Given the delicate fabrics and intricate details of these dresses, they require special care for long-term storage. Proper preservation is essential to maintain their beauty and longevity.

Allow us to help you safeguard this precious part of your special day by storing your gown with the utmost care.

We also offer short-term, pre-wedding day storage, ensuring your dress stays away from prying eyes until the big day.

To ensure your gown is preserved impeccably, we recommend professional cleaning before storage. Feel free to reach out for recommendations from our list of specialist partners.

In addition to wedding gowns, we provide storage for those beautiful gowns collected over the years, which you only wear on occasion. Don't let these exquisite pieces take up valuable closet space; we can store them, ensuring they're 'ready-to-wear' for your next special occasion.

Wedding Dress Storage | Gown Dress Storage


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