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The Kloset Space | Maryland, US
External Storage for Clothes and Accessories


Struggling to find the clothes you want or to put items back in your closet? Is everything piled up and wrinkling and your closet and drawers are a jumble of sizes, styles, colors, and seasons. Found yourself rebuying the same item because you forgot the one in the back of the drawer? Tired of seeing that messy closet?


We have a solution for you!

We offer a range of closet storage options dependent on your needs. Our storage ranges from 15 pieces upwards and each piece will be individually stored in breathable non-woven garment bags or our custom storage boxes. We also offer storage boxes for storing your accessories- maybe that special memorable t-shirt- and sweaters. We take care to store your items in a manner that will prevent mold, damp and insect damage.


There is no limit on the items we can store. 

We can customize our service to meet your unique needs. Providing you with your unique wardrobe management services.

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