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The Kloset Space | Maryland, US

Packing your clothes in a cardboard box and storing them haphazardly in a corner of your storage unit can pose risks and potentially damage your cherished items. Why take that chance? Entrust us with the professional storage of your belongings in our climate-controlled facility.

Our seasonal storage service provides a secure solution for preserving and safeguarding your wardrobe during the off-season, especially when you're dealing with limited storage or hanging space of your own.

What's more, we offer you the flexibility to switch closets with the changing seasons – be it winter, spring, summer, or fall – all at no additional monthly cost.

To ensure your garments remain in top condition, we recommend having them cleaned before storage. This step removes any food or other stains that might attract insects. If you'd like assistance with a cleaning service, please contact us for recommendations.

External Storage For Seasonal Clothes | Seasonal Clothing Storage


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