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The Kloset Space | Maryland, US

Hidden Gems by TKS – Labor Day Edition

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Happy Labor Day! Today, Hidden Gems is honoring hard work and local artisans.

As Labor Day approaches, a day dedicated to recognizing the value of hard work and dedication, let's take a moment to appreciate the labor that goes into creating unique, handcrafted products. This year, we invite you to discover some hidden gems—local businesses that embody the spirit of dedication and creativity.

Below are a few of these amazing businesses but we encourage you to look around your neighborhood for some hidden gems and local artisan businesses.

The Kloset Space - Liberating Your Wardrobe Worries:

As you bid adieu to summer and make space for your fall wardrobe, why not give yourself the gift of a clutter-free closet? The Kloset Space is your go-to solution for external garment storage. Instead of laboring over a jam-packed closet, let them take care of your wardrobe overflow. With their secure, temperature-controlled storage and convenient pickup and delivery services, you'll have more time to relax this Labor Day. This Labor Day, take a moment to appreciate the hard work they put into providing secure storage for your cherished garments. Their dedication to making your life simpler is something to admire.

Akua's Beads and Things - Craftsmanship Rooted in Tradition:

Labor Day is an ideal occasion to explore and appreciate different cultures. Akua's Beads and Things offers a chance to connect with the rich heritage of West Africa. Their authentic African beads, traditional black soap, and shea butter products are the result of generations of craftsmanship. By choosing their products, you're acknowledging the labor of artisans who have preserved these traditions.

La Linda Flor - Green Labor of Love:

La Linda Flor brings the soothing beauty of plants into your life. This Labor Day, pause to reflect on the hard work that goes into curating and caring for their cactus and succulent arrangements. These plants are more than just decorations; they're a testament to the dedication of those who nurture them. Take a moment to celebrate the labor of love that sustains these green wonders.

Monii - Beauty Crafted with Care:

In the realm of beauty, Monii is dedicated to simplifying your routine. This Labor Day, consider the labor of research and craftsmanship that goes into creating their luxurious satin accessories. These products are a tribute to the hard work of those who strive to make your daily routine more comfortable and convenient.

Lem Lem Crafts - Artistry in Every Piece:

For those seeking handcrafted treasures, Lem Lem Crafts stands as a testament to creativity and dedication. Their earrings, necklaces, glass cups, and more are the result of meticulous craftsmanship using clay molds. Each piece represents the labor of artisans who pour their hearts into their work. This Labor Day, appreciate the artistry behind these unique creations.

Bonnie Jazz Music - Harmonizing Diversity and Inclusion:

Labor Day also celebrates the diversity of talent and dedication. Bonnie Jazz Music is a shining example of this diversity. As an Afro-Jazz Trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist, Bonnie bridges cultures through music, teaching, and facilitation. His dedication to sharing the joy of music and promoting diversity and inclusion is a labor of love that deserves recognition.

This Labor Day, while you take a well-deserved break from your own labor, consider supporting local businesses like The Kloset Space, Akua's Beads and Things, La Linda Flor, Monii, Lem Lem Crafts, and Bonnie Jazz Music. They represent the spirit of dedication and craftsmanship, which aligns perfectly with the essence of this holiday. Visit these hidden gems, and let your Labor Day be a tribute to the hard work and passion that goes into creating unique, handcrafted products and sharing the beauty of music and culture. While out, explore the stores in your local neighborhood and support those creative gems as well.

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