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Hidden Gems by TKS

I am always amazed by the wonderful and vast performance art theatres in our neighborhoods. Recently, I discovered another gem in Arlington, Virginia - Synetic Theater. If you love classic literary works and folktales, I highly recommend checking them out. Founded in 2001, this theater has won multiple awards and is conveniently located in the Crystal City area, accessible by the metro.

Currently on stage until August 13th, 2023, is the play Cyrano de Bergerac! This classic has been reimagined many times, including a 2022 movie with a similar name. Synetic Theater's adaptation uses dance as a means of expression, presenting the characters as clowns. I enjoyed how the story unfolded through the graceful movements of the immensely talented dancers. However, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the plot either through another version of the story or by reading the book.

The original play, written by Edmond Rostand in 1897, fictionalizes the life of Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac. It's a delightful blend of comedy and tragic love story, revolving around Cyrano and his struggles. Gifted with poetic talent and swordsmanship, Cyrano's self-consciousness stemmed from his prominent nose, leading him to believe he was unworthy of love. He found himself silently in love with his cousin Roxane, ultimately choosing to support another man's pursuit of her.

Each time I watch this play, it reminds me that self-doubt resides in nearly all of us. Despite Cyrano's witty jests about his nose, he battled inner insecurities and believed he didn't deserve love. The relatable storyline makes it a joy to watch, evoking tears and smiles, especially if you've experienced unrequited love.

The Synetic founders skillfully combine traditions of the Caucasus with distinctly American styles to tell classic stories through movement, music, technology, and visual arts. As a lover of great literary works, I am now a devoted attendee and fan of The Synetic Theater. Dress up and experience Cyrano de Bergerac while keeping an eye out for upcoming performances at this fantastic venue.

While you're out, take a moment to explore your neighborhood for more hidden gems.

Let's get addicted to the wonders of performance art!

Get addicted!

photo courtesy: Synethic Theater

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