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Hidden Gems by TKS

Say the word Afrobeat today and everyone can relate or lip sync to a few songs. But long before Davido, Burna Boy, or another relatable artist, there was the original Fela Kuti.

I was first introduced to his music as a young child in Sierra Leone. My grandmother loved listening to and educating us about the influences these songs have and how Fela used his music to fight injustice and change the political landscape. Fela was a Nigerian musician, bandleader, composer, activist, and all-around Pan-African.

Today, we launch our "Hidden Gems" by TKS bi-weekly blog. This blog focuses on unique theatres and theatrical productions (hidden gems). We will also occasionally feature local artisan businesses or boutiques that are making a difference or advancing the circular environment- reselling, recycling, and more.

Fela was like no other, he was educated in the United Kingdom when few could afford to travel. He returned home to make a difference because he saw that his people needed a voice. He used his music to create political change in an era in which speaking up was uncommon or will lead to one's death.

It is very fitting that my first blog will be a production paying homage to someone I have long admired - Fela! The Onley Theatre Center is currently running a production of Fela and it is a MUST SEE! The show runs from July 7th – August 13th, 2023, and has already garnered great reviews from the Washington Post, Broadway World, and the likes.

So, this weekend, “get dressed and go out” check out Fela and tell us what you think.

New to the theatre world? Give it a try, you will become an addict.

Check out our list of other hidden gems playing this weekend in the DMV.

Get Addicted!

Signature Theatre Arlington VA – Disco Fever

Shakespeare Theatre- GW University – Twelfth Night

Other Voices Theatre- SpongeBob the Musical

The Art Barn- Kentlands – The Revolutionists


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